We have brought together a number of technical terms and meanings around the sun screen to bring them closer to you and what they are all about. Because, if necessary, you will be with such terms when purchasing - are confronted - certainly in this shop. The concept statement should thereby provide more clarity and transparency in the next umbrella purchase. And we are also very pleased if we could help you a bit. 


A cover simply covers your sun screen or parasol. Sun, rain and all the other parts of weather can wear out the material - depending on the choice of material you made in the first place. A cover protects the material of your sun screen from wearing out, so the bad weather cannot harm your expensive sun shader.

You simply drop the cover over then screen-part of your shader and close it around it. Some have a zipper, some do come with a velcro. As soon as you need the sunscreen, simply remove the cover and put it away, until you need it, again. For best protection, leave the cover on, every time you do not use the sun screen for longer than, letīs say, some hours.
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