Cantilever Patio Umbrella SCOLARO «Galileo Maxi 4x4» offset aluminum

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Cantilever Patio Umbrella SCOLARO «Galileo Maxi 4x4» offset aluminum

Frame: Aluminum and steel structure epoxy coated antrachite color. The pole is 92x92 mm thick. Easily interchangeable strong aluminum ribs, sextion 18x35 mm, with a new plastic crow (patented by Scolaro) in order to increase the resistance and timing, simplify the maintenance and to improve the design. Ribs are properly fixed to the crown one by one. With opening system close on the support that allows an easy closing of the parasol without moving the furnitures (unlike most other cantilever parasols). The inclination is over 60°. The revolving base allows to turn the parasol and direct it in different directions or positions during the day. It can rotate 360°. All components are epoxy coated antrachite color. Easy opening and closing with a crank. Cover: Material - 100% Acrylic Dralon 350g/m2 waterproof Teflon. The cover has a very high light and color fastness. The material is stain-resistant and water-impregnated. The cover is available in different colors, available with or without valance. Characteristics: The whole patio umbrella is rotatable of 360° and titable till max. 60°. retractable opening system. At the top, the umbrella has an air vent for letting wind through. Use a crank to open and close the cantilever patio umbrella, easily. Base and hull included.
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